Matthew Miller



Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing 


Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Individual session is $165


Family session is $180

I am considered out-of-network with insurance

     I grew up in a strict Christian home for which I am grateful.  Right and wrong were always clear.  Mom’s zeal for living righteously was paramount, even if it was used to incite significant family dysfunction.  Dad was quite passive and went along with much of what was expected, and I did not have a strong and decisive role model.  Being exposed for not living up to the standards resulted in a fear of being shamed.  And so, obscuring myself became my way of life.  this was not limited to home, it expanded to my life at school and other places. I thought I was safe behind my self-inflicted barrier.  Seclusion seemed to break only when the pain became unbearable to the point, I exploded in anger.  Only to send me back there in the aftermath of shame.


Despite this, there was a foundation of choosing God and faith that is still with me.  This also added to an internal turmoil especially when I acted out in ways to gain a sense of connection that all humans need and desire.  I put on a persona that I had it together and involved myself in various endeavors, but the core of the real me remained hidden.


I tried to fix myself thinking I could this.  After all, I am good at my profession as a therapist.  But this did not work.  I needed the connection and support from others to face and resolve my woundings.  This is what I offer to any man (13 and above) who has lost or never had a sense of who he is.  Whether it shows up in living without honor, broken relationships, sexual addictions, or traumas of abuse and neglect.  I will walk with you on this trek with respect that does not shame or blame.


I earned a BA in Elementary Education from the University of Findlay (Ohio) in 1986 and an M.Ed. in Counseling in 1994 from Prairie View A&M University.


Please call me at 713-449-2225 to schedule your appointment.

Matt Miller is an excellent trauma therapist.  His relational approach helps me to be more comfortable to talk about private memories that I would never feel comfortable telling other people.   It is rare to find such a friendly, empathetic, highly-skilled and caring therapist such as Matt.    D. Medical Student

Through emotional healing work with EMDR and psychotherapy, Matt was able to help me through many difficult parts of trauma, abuse, sexual addiction and past issues.  He is real, approachable and one of the finest therapists in the Houston area. J. Houston, TX