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An extensively researched integrated psychotherapy approach effective for the treatment of Trauma/PTSD, as well as anxiety, depression, and heightened Stress. This therapy has helped millions of people get relief from psychological stress through the use of bilateral stimulation that activates the left and right hemisphere to work together to reprocess distressing memories.

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We provide holistic and comprehensive Neurofeedback services. Neurofeedback is noninvasive and is able to assist in bringing the brain waves back into a better regulation, thus allowing the client to have healthier brain functioning and thereby, a healthier life.  Neurofeedback is used the treat the following conditions: ADHD, ADD, Trauma, PTSD, Depression, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Anxiety, Sleep, Stress and to enhance performance, both physically and mentally. 

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Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

 Different from Hypnosis, Heart Centered Hypnotherapy is a safe and proven approach for experiencing attitudes, memories and stored information within your subconscious.  "Experiencing" your emotions can be key to your ability to heal.  You will be gently guided to a deeply relaxed state, seeking to resolve inner conflicts and trauma to potentially emerge as a transformed person. 

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Parents often take their child to see a therapist when they are going through serious events, need help building social/communication skills, or there is a change in their environment. We provide a safe, non judgmental, and comfortable playroom for children ages 4 to 12 and healing space for adolescents 12-17.

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Would you like to grow in your relationship, rekindle an old spark, or learn how to navigate life as partners?  Couples counseling can help you achieve this goal.  During the initial assessment, we will discuss presenting issues.  I will listen to each of you until you feel heard and understood and offer feedback. Couples generally find relief and hope in sharing their struggles with another person in a confidential setting.  It takes time to change and understand the driving forces behind dysfunctional behaviors.  Committing to six months or a year of couple’s counseling is an effective way to grow and experience lasting change. 

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Whether you are an adult exploring career possibilities, a person in a life transition, a student seeking self knowledge, or anywhere in between, the Birkman Method can become your greatest asset.

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